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Company profile

We deliver valid support in the design, construction and certification of entire projects, where our flexibility in responding to customer demands is flawless.

Our experts work alongside the various departments of our customers to provide effective consultancy services and efficient problem-solving strategies.

Epci Engineering

What we do

We provide multi-disciplinary engineering services, from the initial design phase through to detailed engineering for workshop constructions, mechanical and structural calculations, construction drawings, and the preparation of all necessary technical documentation.

Epci Engineering

Rock solid experience that allows us to engage in simple and cost-effective construction solutions even in the preliminary design phase.

Epci Engineering

How we operate

Our distinguishing characteristics in the design industry are the continuous interaction between our designers and the entire in-house team of EPCI experts, who can also provide support for other aspects such as quality, NDE controls, metallurgy and welding, in order to confirm the chosen or proposed solution.

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The dynamic organisation of the company also includes an excellent network of stable and loyal collaborations with other external design firms specialising in specific sectors, to ensure that the management of all multidisciplinary activities is profitable and effective.

Epci Engineering


EPCI Service S.r.l. uses the highest international design standards International design codes and standards

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International design codes and standards

  • ASME I; ASME VIII DIV.1; VIII DIV.2 Design Code Standard
  • API Design Code Standard
  • ASME B31.1; B31.3; B31.4; B31.8 Design Code Standard
  • EN13445 Design Code Standard
  • AD2000 Design Code Standard
  • VSR; VSG Design Code Standard
  • PD5500 Design Code Standard
  • GOST Design Code Standard
  • AUSTRALIAN STANDARD Design Code Standard
  • ASCE
  • UBC
Loads on nozzles

Nozzle loads

  • AD2000
  • EN13445
  • EN12952
  • WRC 107 & 297 & 537
  • PD5500
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Technical Documentation

Technical documentation

We are able to produce data books for each project in order to provide all relevant documentation regarding materials, weldings, non-destructive tests etc., technical dossiers and PED 2014/68/EU, ATEX 2014/34 / EU according to European directives.

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