We assess the quality of your suppliers

What is it

We offer our customers an Audit service to ensure that their suppliers comply with the project requirements and maintain the relative quality standards.

The Audit process consists of on-site verifications of one or more processes, or a quality system, and aims to confirm compliance with relative requirements. This type of control activity can be applied to an entire organisation, or to a specific function, process or production phase.

Some Audits have specific administrative purposes, such as documentary verifications, risk or performance assessments, or verification of the implementation of specific corrective actions; others refer to the qualification phase, which consists in confirming the ability of potential suppliers to meet any obligations arising from the issue of an order and to maintain them throughout the production cycle.

What it consists of

The service may include initial supplier qualification, standardisation of supply chain requirements, or the assessment and efficient closure of any bottlenecks.

Supplier audits by EPCI Service, in accordance with international standards, means auditing both its compliance, intended as formal verification and its organisation, processes, documentation and its performance.

The ultimate goal is to verify whether or not the quality system is achieving its objectives and accomplishing the desired results.

Who is involved

EPCI auditors are professional experts at the service of our customers, working with a worldwide network of collaborators so as to meet customer requirements across the globe.

We are able to provide qualified personnel to reduce management costs and handling times and to guarantee an effective and proactive presence on the world market.

Our auditors conduct their duties based on maximum availability and flexibility, remaining in contact, if so required, with the reference coordinator who shall promptly report any major issues directly to the customer.

The activities

There are a variety of activities our auditors engage in:


Presence c/o suppliers and/or relative sub-suppliers to verify activities classified as witness, monitoring and hold points on the audit planning;


Painting/coating audits;


Participation in pre-audit / manufacturing meetings;


Review of test / audit certificates;


Audits on all production activity phases (initial audits, ongoing and final audits)


Review of material certificates (chemical analysis, mechanical properties, etc.);


Non-destructive tests;


Verification of the manufacturer's databook;


Supervision of technology tests, hydrostatic tests, pneumatic tests, leak tests, run tests, routine tests, performance tests, PMI, hardness tests, PWHT and so on;


Review of supplier technical documentation, procedures and technical fact sheets to verify conformity with design specifications and national/international standards.


Visual, dimensional and quantitative inspection of the goods;