We coordinate all stages of your projects

What is it

We provide personnel who are specialised and qualified in expediting activities, to respond to the growing need of customers to manage and control increasingly complex orders, in all sectors where the document and production process must comply with strict delivery schedules.

Types of plant systems or components and the industries for which we provide expediting services

Oil & gas Manufacturing
Petrochemical Infrastructure
Energy (renewable energy included) Pharmaceutical
Steelworks Beauty & Cosmetics
Chemical Automotive

What it consists of

We provide expediting activities based on three key methodologies, depending on the level of criticality and/or the type of supply required:

Who is involved

Our expeditors work in accordance with the customer’s requirements, coordinating activities and frequencies, and monitoring the progress of the project phases to ensure that suppliers meet the delivery deadlines in compliance with the order specifications.

To achieve all of this, they can therefore operate throughout all management phases, from engineering and raw material procurement to processing, testing and shipping.


All EPCI expediters have a solid technical background and are able to determine the actual situation compared to that presented on the production schedules, identifying and preventing potential bottlenecks.

In addition, by working closely with the customer’s Project Managers and reporting the identified situation, they can also improve project progress.

The activities

Thanks to the expertise of our employees and an appropriate number of independent collaborators, we are able to provide the following services and activities:


Monitoring of one or more suppliers involved in the various project phases, starting from the document issue and review status, which aims to speed up the final approval;


Monitoring of the manufacturing and dispatch progress, in order to meet or even anticipate the contractual delivery dates.


Control of the procurement of incoming materials;


Verification of each step, ensuring compliance with agreed deadlines and contractual conditions, the timely identification of possible issues and the proactive implementation of problem solving actions in order to avoid consequences that can hinder the final delivery.


Verification of the production schedule and delivery dates